Super League tenders welcome

Publicans and club secretaries of FDMDA affiliated teams are invited to tender to have their premises stage home Super League fixtures in the forthcoming 2012/13 season.

Interested parties should contact David Gray, Super League Secretary, before Monday on 07543547496. Minimum tenders is £50 per home match. All tenders submitted shall be voted on by the players to decide on home venues for the new season.

The Super League AGM shall be held in the RAFA club on Sunday, July 8, at 6:30pm. It is hoped a large number of players will attend to partake in the voting process.

Super League honours for the past season were as follows:

Player of the Year - Graham Whyte

Singles winner - George Milne

Pairs winners - V. Farquhar and G. Hagen

Top set average - Gary Hagen (25.91)

Fastest leg - Richard Duthie (12)

Highest finish - Mike Forbes (152)

Tons percentage table - Mike Forbes (1.81%)

Scneider Weise Fastest Leg - Pete Mitchell (14)