Success at all levels for Broch at Cults meet

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There was success for every young swimmer from Broch ASC at Cults Otters ASC Tenth Novice Gala on Sunday, February 26.

The squad taking part at the event were: Chloe Bain, Jessica Buchan, Ryan Calder, Lucy Hay, Niamh Ingram, Lauretta Jack, Deimantas Janavicius, Molly McKillop, Ashton McLean, Gregor McRobbie, Sophie Muirhead, Isreal Noble, Emily Reid, Nicole Reid, Nathan Sanger, Haydon Sinclair and Malachie Skinner.

They all made improvements on their personal best times and for some it was first time competing.

Medal winners were: Ryan Calder Silver back and free, Bronze breast, Deimantas Janavicius Gold back fly 100IM and free, Silver breast, Ashton McLean Gold back, Silver 100IM and free, Bronze fly, Gregor McRobbie bronze back, Israel Noble Gold back, fly, breast and free, Nathan Sanger Silver back, 100IM and free, Haydon Sinclair Silver breast, Malachi Skinner Gold fly, 100IM, breast and free, silver back.

The Broch relay teams ended the day on a high as well, with the 8-9 medley and freestyle team of Ashton, Lucy, Malachie and Emily winning silver on both events.

Deimantas, Jessica, Lauretta and Nathan won gold in the 10-11 freestyle event.

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