Windy conditions for Broch runners

It was windy conditions for the 20 runners who raced in the 11th Handicap Race.

Best run for the ladies came from Billie McFarlane who won the race and also had a personal best. Sarah Wiseman and Jayne Watt also had good runs finishing 4th and 5th.

Best runs for the men came from Stephen Buchan (The Broch) and John Watt who both had personal bests. Andrew Smith who was running in his first competitive race had an excellent run coming in 2nd.

Robbie Youngson, Mark Caldwell and Elaine Whyte had the best Scratch Times. With 1 race to go nine runners still have the chance to finish in the top 3.

Top League Positions: Graeme Clark 50, Carol Massie 43, Stephen Buchan (St Combs) 40, Robbie Youngson 39, John Watt 36, Charlie Noble and Malcolm Sinclair 34, Elaine Whyte 33 and Aly Mathers 31.

Handicap: 1. Billie McFarlane 46:48, 2. Steven Buchan (The Broch) 47:27, 3. Andrew Smith 47:48, 4. Sarah Wiseman 47:51, 5. Jayne Watt and Malcolm Sinclair 48:01, 7. John Watt 48:06, 8. Stephen Milne 48:20, 9. Elaine Whyte 48:30, 10. Graeme Clark 48:35.

Ladies Scratch: Elaine Whyte 33:25, Carol Massie 36:46, Jayne Watt 38:55.

Mens Scratch: Robbie Youngson and Mark Caldwell 31:03, Keith Buchan 31:38

The last Winter Race will be held on March 30.

Odds: David Abernathy 2/1, Sarah Wiseman 3/1, Andrew Smith 4/1, Carol Massie and Stephen Buchan 5/1.