World Bowls comes to a close at Broch

The World Indoor Bowls Council’s under 25 gents and ladies, singles and mixed pairs championships closed at the Fraserburgh Indoor Bowling Club last week, with the international teams collecting both prizes and plaudits at the closing ceremony.

Wednesday, 31st October 2012, 1:05 pm

While Fraserburgh came out as winners of the event in its own right, It was bowlers from England who picked up the trophies last week, having a player in every final event of the week’s play.

Amy Stanton (England) and Perry Martin (England) respectively picked up the Ladies Junior Champion and Gents Junior Champion trophies from the Right Honourable Kate Nicholson, with Martin picking up double the haul with the Mixed Pairs Junior Champions trophies going to himself and Lauren Batiste (Guernsey).

In the ladies final, Stanton saw out Michelle Keenan (Scotland) with rounds of 9-6 and 11-0.

Scotland was again represented in the gents final, with Calum Logan losing out to Martin 9-6 and 10-6.

Batiste and Martine beat Logan and Sophie Rabey (Guernsey) 9-4 before drawing 7-7 to take the win.

In his closing statement at the ceremony, the World Indoor Bowling Council president, Gwyn Jones, thanked all who had played a part in making the event a success, saying: “On behalf of the world indoor bowls council, I wish to thank all those who contributed in making this event the outstanding success it has been.

“For the large contingent of umpires, markers and volunteers We thank you for your diligence and your effectiveness. As I said in the opening of this event, any event of this size cannot be run without quality officials and this we have in abundance.

“Each player has shown that they will have a bright future in the sport and we will watch with interest as they continue to grow in stature during the years to come.

“Special mention goes to all the spectators who have created a warm and enjoyable atmosphere in the stadium and I am sure your support meant a lot to all of the competitors.

“Biggest thanks goes to the Fraserburgh club who have looked after this event. The friendliness shown by everyone will be lasting memories.”

Mr Jones said that it was, with a touch of regret, that he had to return the “wonderful facilities” at Fraserburgh Indoor Bowling Club to its vice president, Ryan Clark.