Arts Form holds its agm

The annual general meeting of Banff and Buchan Arts Forum will be held on Thursday March 22, at 7.30 pm in The Gallery, 12 Strait Path, Banff.

The group is currently engaged with the preparation of the Show Your Hand Exhibition and other aspects of the forthcoming COAST Festival as well as the development of live events.

Forum secretary John Mackie said: “It will be fun. As well as reporting on another busy and stimulating year, electing new officers and outlining our plans, we shall be enjoying a Moroccan buffet and some good music in the picaresque setting of The Gallery. All current members, new members and members of the public are more than welcome.”

The Forum , historically a partnership organisation with Aberdeenshire Council for many years, has been at the forefront of arts development for two decades or more, not least because of its role in the allocation of community arts grants to individuals, organisations and events,

The Scottish Lighthouse Museum and the Friends of Duff House, to name but three amongst hundreds of beneficiaries.