All day concert set to rock Fraserburgh

Local performers and bands will be hoping to make a name for themselves when they take to the stage in an all-day music event at the Clansman in Fraserburgh.

Taking place this Saturday, the event known as ‘Youth In Revolt!’ will feature local musicians playing into the following morning.

With over 1,000 invites for the event already sent out, acts like Skizofrenik, All-Ages and Joy Riot will feature in electric sets at night, with performers Rachel Addison, Mike Skizo and Stewie Cardinal offering acoustic performances during the afternoon.

The Fraserburgh Herald caught up with organiser Mike Forman to get his views on the first concert of its kind in the Broch.

Mike, who takes the stage name Mike Skizo when he performs with his band Skizofrenik, said: “Planning started around November for the event. It’s going towards raising funds for Fraserburgh’s Youth Music Group, and we find that we get better audiences when we perform in bars.”

Mike, who has been involved in the music scene since 2005, adds that he hopes the event will become a regular feature of the Broch calendar.

“It’s the first all-day music event that the Broch has had, so we’re looking into making it a quarterly or annual thing,” he said.

Mike’s band, Skizofrenik, first formed in 2005, albeit under a different name.

Since then, the band has matured to play a combination of hardcore, punk and ska tracks, which, ultimately, saw them release an EP.

Mike is hopeful that the band can push on from this and produce a new album in the future,.

“We’re working on a full-length album at the moment, but the best way to find out about our music and the band is through the group’s MySpace page,” the lead guitarist and vocalist added.

‘Youth In Revolt!’ will take place this Saturday (February 11), from 12.30pm till 1am.

Entry is just £4 at the door for the entire day, with audiences presented with a wristband that will allow them to come and go as they please.

The event also marks the debut of One Of A Kind Productions’ merchandise range, which will be available to purchase on the day.

“It’s only £4, and I encourage everyone to come down - it’ll be good times,” said Mike.

For more information on the ‘Youth In Revolt!’ event, visit the event’s Facebook page at

For more information on local band Skizofrenik, including to hear sample songs from the band, visit their MySpace page at

Those interested in going to the event are advised that, without proper identification, they will not receive an 18+ wristband for the event.