‘Breathless Breastless’ to open in Broch

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.
Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.
  • Exhibition to be launched at Lighthouse Museum
  • ’Breathless Breastless’ to feature works by 12 artists
  • Group of artists made up of cancer sufferers and professional artists

An art exhibition which will showcase the work of a group of 12 cancer sufferers is set to open in Fraserburgh next week.

The Breathless Breastless Project is a moving art exhibition showcasing art work from a group of cancer sufferers and professional artists who have been affected by the disease in some way.

This exhibition is designed to portray every feeling that a diagnosis brings

Debbie Cooper

The exhibition, which opens in the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses on April 1, was brought to the area by project founder Louise Stedman in partnership with Fraserburgh’s Moonlight Prowl.

Commenting, Moonlight Prowl Committee Member Debbie Cooper said: “For any cancer sufferer, the emotions that come with the illness are often hard to describe. This exhibition is designed to portray every feeling that a diagnosis brings.

“Louise Stedman is an inspirational lady, we are proud to celebrate our tenth anniversary in partnership with this project. Louise had the vision to capture the journey that comes with being told you have cancer, through the medium of art.”

From ceramics and photography to videos and paintings, every piece of artwork in the exhibition represents a different stage of the cancer journey - from what people did to compensate when they lost their hair to the feeling of hopelessness they endured when they were first diagnosed.

It also features the journey of one man, Doug Harper, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and a woman, Hannah Foxley, who died before she had the chance to see the project come together.

The exhibition is not designed to shock or upset but to show how far all of the artists have come, to promote learning and conversation, and to tell people that no one ever has to be alone.

This year’s Moonlight Prowl will take place on Saturday, June 6, and participants can register online for the event at http://www.moonlightprowl.co.uk

The Moonlight Prowl is a charity walk designed to raise awareness of breast cancer and to raise funds for research, and sees over 1,500 women dressed in pink walking through the night to raise funds to fight this disease.

The Fraserburgh-based event has raised over £700,000 for research into the prevention and treatment of breast cancer at ARI and the University of Aberdeen, resulting in the creation of a number of research programmes.