Broch photo clean sweep

Paul Woodburn's Green Wave won first prize at the Buchan Visual Arts exhibition
Paul Woodburn's Green Wave won first prize at the Buchan Visual Arts exhibition

Fraserburgh completed a clean sweep at this year’s Buchan Visual Arts exhibition, taking the top three places at the awards ceremony.

Held in Kemp Hall, Old Deer, first prize was won by Paul Woodburn for his picture ‘Green Wave’.

Second at the bash, which was held on September 12th and 13th, was Mike Chandlers for ‘Harebell’.

Mr Chandlers was also awarded third place for ‘A Good Day Drying’.

The society has had a special tutor recently in the form of Joel Sartore.

Mr Sartore is an award-winning freelance photographer who has produced more than 30 stories for National Geographic magazine.

The American photographer has also had work published in Time, Life and Newsweek magazines.

Mr Sartore’s first tutorial with the Broch group, on September 24, was titled Making Great Pictures.

It focused not on the technicalities of camera work, but rather how to use the eyes and brain to develop ones skills.

He said that good pictures can be taken on any camera, it was about ‘seeing well’.

Mr Sartore set the group a task of picking their favourite room, and capturing something happening there.

The results were taken in for the second tutorial, on October 29, which was about equipment.

The society learned how to utilise the three fundamental camera controls: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

The Broch photographers were then tasked with taking pictures of the same subject; changing the angles and those settings. The results will be studied in later tutorials.