Camera Club get glimpse of isolated North East

It was ‘Champions Night’ on Thursday, January 19, at the Camera Club, so Vice President Stanley Partridge had the floor to address the members with his presentation.

Starting off with exciting photographs of scrambling meetings that he took at Windyheads near New Aberdour, the Club got a rare insight into the area that is so isolated few people are aware of it and its regular meetings.

Most of his shots caught the bikers airborne on solo and quad vehicles and, despite the track being specially watered, much was seen through clouds of upturned dust.

Mr Partridge followed his action photography with further excellent shots authored by professionals titled ‘Photographers in the Federation’.

These ranged from a humorous toilet history through the historical, and a ‘downtown’ extravaganza featuring popular music.

He finished on a more sombre atmosphere.

Showing magnificent stained glass church windows taken in excellent light conditions.

The night was thoroughly enjoyed by the members of the Camera Club who attended..

On Thursday, February 2, the fourth monthly competition will be judged and the winners announced.

As always, zoom in, photographers!