Concept for artwork at new community centre revealed

Vision: Carn will create the 'Spirited Angel' by hand and the sculpture will hang down from the ceiling of the building.
Vision: Carn will create the 'Spirited Angel' by hand and the sculpture will hang down from the ceiling of the building.

The concept for an iconic artwork which will grace a new sports venue in Fraserburgh has been revealed to the local community.

Artist and sculptor Carn Standing has chosen to celebrate the Broch’s community spirit in his forthcoming piece for the town’s new sports and community centre.

Boyndie-based Carn was commissioned to create a large scale sculpture that will be suspended above the main social area of the centre, off Maconochie Road.

The local community was asked to help shape how the iconic sculpture could look, as construction of the new facility continues.

The initiative is part of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Capital Plan to replace Aberdeenshire’s oldest swimming pool with a brand new £8.2m complex.

The facility will feature a six-lane championship pool, sports and fitness facilities, and a range of community and learning activities.

Carn has more than 25 years’ experience working principally in ceramics, mild steel, bronze and acrylic glass, often combining more than one material.

He has titled the concept ‘Spirited Angel’ and intends that it will swoop down from the ceiling of the building, with wings outstretched and palms open in a welcoming and embracing gesture, maximising the effect of movement and light and complimenting the architecture of the space.

It will be made from steel with ceramic feet and hands and its wings will have individual feathers made from coloured glass.

His previous sculptural works include landmark pieces that are life-size and larger-than-life for a variety of public places including museums, football and rugby grounds, film sets and major theme parks. His commissioned works are in private collections around the world.

The sculpture will be created during the construction of the building, working closely with an in-house design team to integrate the physical needs of the art work with the fabric of the building.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Director of Education, Learning and Leisure, Maria Walker, said: “This will be a focal point for visitors to the new centre and it’s fantastic that local people have been able to contribute to how it will look and feel. Looking at the concept, I feel the final piece will indeed be a true reflection of the town, the area and its residents.”

The council’s Head of Lifelong Learning and Leisure, John Harding, said: “It seems the artist has come up with something which will fit the requirements of inspiring and resonating with local people, impacting positively on the identity of the town.”

Carn researched and consulted, meeting with and seeking views from community groups and users of the new building, as well as exploring the local landscape and finding out about the town’s rich history and heritage.

He said: “What I discovered was a close-knit community of passionate, generous and caring people with strong bonds that have existed for generations. A community that in the face of constant hardships, such as the dangers at sea or the toil of working the land, has faith, pulls together, supports and protects one another. A community spirit that is vibrant, warm and alive.”