Councillor Watt speaks out on Fraserburgh Gala

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Councillor Michael Watt took questions from Fraserburgh Community Council last week regarding the upcoming Fraserburgh Gala as reported in in the Fraserburgh Herald.

Addressing what the role of the gala ccommittee will be, Councillor Watt said: “The gala committee will as act as a problem solving team. “We don’t want to go around telling people what to do, or forcing people to things.

“If someone is having problems organising an event, the gala committee can step in to help,” he added.

The community council declared its interest and support for a potential Fraserburgh Gala, but was keen to learn more of what had already been accomplished by the gala committee.

Councillor Watt responded: “We’ve received interest from the golf club, and the committee members have told me that there will be events such as football and events from the running club, swimming clubs, the people involved at the skate-park, Zumba classes and bowling.

“We want to have events all day Saturday and Sunday.

“We want to involve the town. The idea is to get as many people into the Broch as possible to see what the town is all about.

“It will run from August 17 to 19,” he added.

Councillor Watt also commented on events insurance, saying that it would cost £600.

Following Councillor Watt’s departure from the community council meeting, the proposed gala was put forward as a potential recipient of a community council donation.

It was decided, however, that no donation would be made until the information about the gala becomes clearer.