Exhibition opens at Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

An exhibition has opened at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.
An exhibition has opened at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

An exhibition of art and photography is set to take place at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses throughout the month of July.

Entitled ‘HIR - Exhibition of Art and Photography’, the exhibition is open from 10am to 5pm daily from July 1 through to July 31 at the Lighthouse Museum.

 The exhibition takes its name from the first letters of each of the contributing artists: Heather Ritchie, Iris Mutch and Rosemary Stubbs, who have put together a diverse mix of art and photography.

Heather was born in Peterhead and brought up in Fraserburgh and has been painting for several years. 

As well as watercolours, she has developed her own technique in using powder paints and is also experimenting with acrylics.

Iris grew up in Fraserburgh, where she was born, and whilst at school, was always interested in drawing and painting.

She finds her inspiration for art in the beautiful land and coast which surrounds the area where she lives and her paintings reflect this.

Rosemary is a keen photographer and enjoys producing photographic art

She is also interested in macro photography and digital imaging, some of which can be found in her varied pictures and cards. Rosemary’s sense of humour is also reflected in some of her work.

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