Gala committee in search for volunteers


As the Fraserburgh Gala nears ever closer, the Gala Committee have launched an appeal for volunteers to make themselves available to help make the returning event a successful one.

The gala, which is now scheduled to run from August 16 to August 19 has picked up pace since the first gala meeting held earlier this year.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Gala Committee, the committee had made it clear that volunteers were required to ensure that things continued to run smoothly.

People qualified in first aid and in stewarding are asked to make themselves available to take part in the gala weekend.

Events were also discussed at the meeting, with the Gala Committee revealing to the Fraserburgh Herald that several new and possible events were planned to go ahead from Thursday, August 16.

As well as this, fundraising efforts were still ongoing, with a car wash planned for early in August.

Should you be
interested in taking part in the Fraserburgh Gala, the Gala Committee can be contacted via the their Facebook page, a link to which can be
found at