Kinnaird Head lights Broch sky

Kinnaird Head.
Kinnaird Head.

Fraserburgh’s Kinnaird Head lighthouse flickered to life on Saturday, December 1, afternoon as local man Ian Dyga pulled the switch to bring a familiar glow to the Broch’s skyline.

Having spent the day as a lighthouse keeper, which included winding the lighthouse, Mr Dyga was given the honour of bringing the light to life following a recent Museum of Scottish Lighthouses raffle.

As Mr Dyga completed his role in the proceedings, switching on the light at precisely 3:31pm, a succession of volunteer keepers, who had been selected from winning Ebay auctions, made their way into the chambers of Kinnaird Head, winding the mechanism repeatedly to keep everything going smoothly.

In total, the four shifts for Kinnaird Head, which attracted 49 bids, raised over £400 for the museum.

Also in attendance to photograph the historic occasion was Ian Cowe, his images of the day available to view on the Musuem of Scottish Lighthouses’ Facebook page, more information on which available at

Commenting afterwards, Mr Dyga said that he “really enjoyed the afternoon.”

“It was great doing all the preparation before throwing the switch,” he added.

The event was, as well celebrating the 225th anniversary of the lighthouse, part of a bumper weekend of celebrations in Fraserburgh, with late-night shopping and the arrival of Santa into the town preceding the switch on.