One Show in the Broch

Filleting: Presenter Carrie Grant got her hands dirty as she filleted a herring in the Broch while filming the show.
Filleting: Presenter Carrie Grant got her hands dirty as she filleted a herring in the Broch while filming the show.

The BBC One Show has filmed scenes from the Broch including a local woman which will be screened this Thursday.

Evelyn (aka Bunty) Davidson, 80, who has lived all her life in Fraserburgh and is currently residing in Windmill Court was asked to appear on the show when they decided to do a segment about past times of working with herring in the area. Evelyn was also asked to come down to the BBC One Show studios tonight but decided against it as it was a long way to travel.

Evelyn’s nephew Stan Bruce was approached by film producers who wanted to do a story of the herring history and so he sent them a copy of the ‘Herring Lassies – Following the Herring’ book and a copy of his history book ‘Fraserburgh Through the Years’.

The presenter of the show is Carrie Grant (Ex Fame Academy) wife of 80’s pop singer David Grant. She asked Evelyn about the history of herring and assisted her in filleting one.

Stan said: “At first my auntie wasn’t sure about appearing on the show as she didn’t want a big fuss about it.

“I managed to convince her to explain what it was like working in with herring in the fishing industry those years ago and show how to fillet a fish.

“The presenter, Carrie Grant was great when she came to do the filming. She was really down to earth and got stuck into filleting and getting her hands dirty. She was wearing 6 inch heels, and I said it was a very glamorous way of filleting a fish.

“She seemed to think her hands didn’t smell that bad after but I did reassure her that the smell would come back to her on a flight back to London!”

Evelyn worked most of her life at John Sims (now Youngs) in Fraserburgh where she became very skilled at filleting fish quickly and effectively.

The film will also have an interview with Rosemary Sanderson, Macduff – chair of the Banffshire Maritime and Heritage Association, and Willie Whyte Excelsior Broch Harbour.

They also visited Maggies Hoosie in Inverallochy where some music sang by gutting quines was filmed.

The BBC One Show will also look into the working lives past times of those in weaving mills and those who were involved in the mining industry.

You can catch Evelyn, Carrie Grant and other parts of the film on BBC One tonight at 7.00pm.