One, two, three for photographer Paul

The meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society held on February 7 was to hear the results of the group’s second print competition, Graeme Buchan of Elite Photographics Ltd acting as judge, a competition which saw member Paul Woodburn take all three top places with his efforts.

‘South Bank’ was third with 18 points, an image of the South Bank of the river Thames in London. Graeme praised the composition with good lines leading into the picture.

Second was ‘Beach Aberdeen’ which also scored 18 points. Graeme liked the way in which the colour of the mount had been taken from the picture. He said it was a well produced print and the composition held a good strong diagonal.

First place went to ‘Footdee to Wheel’ which showed a Footdee street in Aberdeen leading to a wheel in the distance. Graeme felt this image stood out with good composition and vibrant colours. He said that the mount had also helped in the presentation of the print.

With the judging over, the members discussed all aspects of printing with Graeme. He recommended that the computer screen and the printer are regularly calibrated to ensure that the colours and tones you saw on the screen were faithfully reproduced by the printer. He said that this was difficult to do and it was better done professionally. One of the common comments he made about images in the competition was that they had too much ‘digital noise’ this is where individual pixels in the image are wrongly coloured. He said that this noise is caused by having too high an ISO setting or by too much cropping of the image.

In the discussion it was agreed that sending images away to be printed can achieve good results and may be cheaper than producing prints at home. However, Graeme felt that the loss of control over the process was somrthing that he would not give up.

The next meeting of the Society will be on February 28 and is a digital imaging tutorial led by Paul Woodburn. On March 7 the meeting will receive the results of the fifth monthly competition.