Photo Society provide flash tips

An off-camera flash.
An off-camera flash.

The following tip for keen photographers was provided by Paul Woodburn of the Fraserburgh Photographic Society.

The flash will always light the nearest object the brightest, so avoid taking shots near pillars, corners or non subject people at the side of the frame.

If you can arrange everyone or things you wish to photograph to be at an equal distance from the camera this would be the best results.

Also, avoid a background of mirrors or their reflective surfaces.

Red eye is caused by the flash bouncing of the back of the eye, the lighting is usually low if you have to use flash so the pupils of the eye are wide open.

There are cameras that try to overcome this by flashing several times before the shutter opens, this works some of the time, but with children they can see the flash think it’s all over and their off.

I find with children that it is better to correct the red eye in software if you can.