Photographic club latest

The meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society held on October 25, began with Emma Campbell of Theatre Modo talking about the two events - one in Aden Country Park, the other ‘Maelstrom’ being held in Fraserburgh on November 2. She was seeking volunteers to take photographs at both events.

The rest of the evening was devoted to a digital imaging tutorial led by Paul Woodburn. The first part of the tutorial was a rundown of the menus and facilities available in Photoshop Elements. The remainder of the tutorial was an examination of a DVD that dealt with portraiture.

It was pointed out that care needs to be taken in composing the portrait. Avoiding poles and trees appearing to grow from a subjects head is an obvious but frequently made mistake but ensuring that there were less obvious distractions in the frame, taking them out with computer based editing if necessary.

The DVD went through techniques to use in the Photoshop Elements computer program to move a smile from one image to another so that your group portrait has everyone looking good and how to remove redeye.

At the meeting on November 1, members will receive the results of the latest monthly competition.

The meeting on November 8 is ‘Champions Night’ when Stanley Partridge the ‘photographer of the year’ 2011/2 will be choosing the program for the evening and is keeping his choices close to his chest.