Photographic Society get a taste of New Zealand

The meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society held on Juanuary 17 saw Andrew West give a show entitled ‘The North Island of New Zealand’.

This show recorded the highlight of the trip on the North Island, from Wellington through to the most northerly point Cape Reinga via Lake Taupu. Waikato Gorge and Falls, Rototra and Aukland. In Wellington and all the other cities, towns and villages Andrew was struck by the amount of overhead cables there were in the roads and streets often spoiling what would have been a good photo opportunity.

At Rotorua he visited a Maori village the NE Scotland party was greeted in the traditional fashion by the Maoris.

Aukland had an impressive mix of old and new architecture with the modern Sky Tower literally towering over the

To get to the glass floored viewing platform glass sided lifts ran up the outside of the tower.

At the next meeting at 7:30pm on January 24 in the JIC building Mike Chandler will be giving a show ‘My first full year of photography’. The meeting on January 31 is a digital imaging tutorial by Paul Woodburn.