Photographic society pick up tips

At the meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society last week members learned about the use of light and composition in photography.

Members found out about controlling the colour of light through the white balance control on their camera or in the computer imaging programs. This was not only to get the colour tones of the image to match reality, but to adjust the tones to create the effect or mood that the photographer wants to convey.

Members were told not to rely on the ‘auto white balance’ setting on their camera but to experiment with some of the other white balance settings to warm up the image tomes or to enhance some of the colours.

It was also explained how to overcome the difficulties of photographing in ‘low quality light’ which is very directional and produces harsh, sharp shadows. Solutions were as simple as moving the subject into the shade where the light is more diffused or using a reflector to throw light into the deep shadows. Even a piece of white card can be used as a reflector.

The ‘rule of thirds’ was also explained – placing the horizon either one third down or one third up the image but not in the middle, placing objects of interest on or near the intersection of the thirds. In turn, this will make the image more balanced than placing the subject slap bang in the middle of the picture.

But, of course, it was warned not to be a slave to the ‘rule of thirds’, it is there to be broken on occasions.

The final point about composition was to use tricks to add a sense of depth to an image. This could be done by manipulating the depth of field (how much of the image was in focus) by using a strong foreground with the main subject behind it.

At the next meeting on Feruary 21, Graeme Buchan of Elite Photography will be judging the second print competition. On February 28, Paul Woodburn will be leading at digital imaging tutorial.

The next meeting will be held on January 17 at the JIC Buildings, Albert Street, at 7:30pm. Andrew West will be giving an image show ‘New Zealand North Island’. Members are reminded that they have to submit images for the fourth competition.

At the meeting on January 24 Mike Chandler will give an illustrated presentation ‘2012 – My first full year as a photographer’.