Saturday events draw huge crowds at gala

CROWDS: Crowds gathered to see the strongmen perform impressive feats of strength.
CROWDS: Crowds gathered to see the strongmen perform impressive feats of strength.

Both the strongman competition and the custom bike and scooter show attracted huge crowds last Saturday at the Fraserburgh gala, a day which saw Stuart Whyte crowned as the strongest man.

The motorcycle and scooter show, which saw entrants from far and wide, proved to be a massive success with gala goers, with an array of both classic and modern examples of motorcycles and scooters filling the links.

Local man Charlie Reid, who organised the bike and scooter show, said of his experience at the gala: “What ordinary Brochers with no experience and no budget achieved was nothing short of spectacular and to see the town buzzing was just amazing.”

He added that there were over 110 bikes in Fraserburgh for the gala, with 86 in the competition “with entrants coming to the Broch from as far South as Perth and Dundee and as far North as Wick and also The Orkney islands and every one of those 110+ bikers said they cant wait to return to the broch next year.

“I have already had two requests from motorcycle related companies who wish to have a pitch at next year’s gala as they were so impressed with the set up and turn out. I am sure that everyone involved in this year’s success will have learned a few quick lessons and we will all take these with us into next year’s gala to make it a bigger and even more successful event, it just goes to show what can be achieved when the town comes together.“

Meanwhile, the strongman competition, which featured Scotland’s strongest man Stuart Murray judging the competitors, had the crowds fixated for most of the afternoon as atlas stones were lifted over yokes and a truck was towed by hand.

Stuart Whyte, from Fort William, was named as the strongest man in the competition, with Brochers Larry Wood and Davy Gray finishing second and third respectively.

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