Scouts raise money for gala

Fraserburgh’s Scouts were out in force on Saturday as they set to work washing cars to raise money for themselves and the returning Fraserburgh Gala, scheduled to go ahead on Thursday, August 16.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, scouts were hard at work washing cars that dropped by at their Banff and Buchan College car wash.

One of the scout’s parents had even brought his tractor to be washed, the Fraserburgh Herald discovered when checking on their progress in the afternoon.

The scouts were at Banff and Buchan College until 3:30pm, with the money raised from the car wash going towards their own funds and the Fraserburgh Gala.

The Fraserburgh Gala, which will return later this month, has recently been advertised with new, larger posters around Fraserburgh, correcting an earlier version which featured an ‘It’s a Knockout’ event.

Tickets for this year’s Fraserburgh Gala are currently on sale at Sweet Masquerade, Biccochi’s and Motorparts Fraserburgh, with members of the public warned that the tickets are in high demand.

An event programme, detailing each of the events present at the 2012 Fraserburgh Gala is expected to be available in the near future.

In the meantime, those interested in learning more about the upcoming Broch gala are encouraged to visit the Fraserburgh Gala’s Facebook page, a link to which can be found on the Fraserburgh Herald’s own fan page.

To learn more, visit us at

It was revealed at a previous Fraserburgh Gala Committee meeting that the alcohol ban would be enforced throughout the week of the gala, and that bags me be searched to ensure that alcohol is not taken into the gala venue.

Alcohol will be available to purchase and consume, however, within the Leisure Centre for those with valid