Topping agrees to perform at gala


Councillor Brian Topping will perform at the Fraserburgh Gala this year having been asked to perform at the gala by the committee.

The Fraserburgh Gala, which will take place from August 16 ‘til August 19, has been gathering pace in the past few weeks, with committee members putting the final touches on planned events.

New posters have also been printed to correct any confusion caused over the billing of ‘It’s a Knockout’ which will now not take place.

At last week’s committee meeting, it was revealed that Councillor Topping would be performing on the Saturday afternoon of the gala.

Afterwards, the committee members viewed the links near the Leisure Centre, where the gala will be based, to organise a site plan of where events will be staged and stalls located.

Councillor Topping said of his part in the gala: “I’m delighted to play my small part, and I urge the community to get behind the gala, to come forward and get involved.

“I’m happy to give my time, and credit to the people who have helped to organise it. I’m really very, very pleased that the gala has taken off again. I’m sure it’s going to be a success.”

To get involved with the Fraserburgh Gala, or to learn more about the events going on from August 16, visit the Fraserburgh Gala’s Facebook page, a link to which can be found at