Why we need the gala

GALA: Avril Reid is hopeful for the success of the gala.
GALA: Avril Reid is hopeful for the success of the gala.

Fraserburgh Gala Committee member Avril Reid recently spoke to the Fraserburgh Herald about why she thinks Fraserburgh needs a gala event back.

Supervising the planning of a pet show for the gala, Ms Reid said that she thought the gala should “restore community spirit” to Fraserburgh.

“I remember things like donkey derbies and dressing up floats, it’s something that’s lacking in Fraserburgh.

“It’s about time people took pride in their town again,” she added.

Asked if she had any concerns about the planning of the gala so far, Avril Reid said ‘no’, but added that she would like to see more people get involved with the Gala Committee for the good of the town.

“It can only be a good thing,” said Ms Reid.

Avril Reid, attending the Gala Committee meeting last Thursday, was placed in the supervisory role of setting down the framework for a pet show to take place on Saturday, August 18.

It was decided that the show would be best themed for children, accepting entries of pets from entrants aged 16 years and under.

It is hoped that the show will be provided with trophies from local businesses keen to take part in the upcoming Fraserburgh Gala, scheduled to begin on Friday, August 17 and last until Sunday, August 19.