Writer’s book to launch

Banff caretaker James Oldman has created a world where moles roam secretly underground in a book for children that has now been published and will be launched officially later this month.

James plans to launch ‘Superhighway’ at the Coast Festival on May 26 at Duff House and plans to take his project to the next level by getting the book made into an animated feature film.

James has also composed nine original songs for the soundtrack which he worked on last year with school children at Whitehills Primary School.

Superhighway is a story about a group of moles who create a secret path underground which links villages together, and the tale of two young moles’ adventures after they find themselves hopelessly lost on the surface.

James has always been keen on music and theatre from an early age and initially wrote the piece as a musical. He then enlisted the help of his friend Phil Fryer, a music teacher in Moray, who agreed to write the music scores for the soundtrack. Council employee Chris Ingram also contributed by drawing the animated images.

Although the work has now been published as a book, James said he hopes it can attract the attention of the animation industry.

He said: “It was such a thrill to actually hold the book in my hand and to find out on the first day it went on sale that a copy was ordered from Texas. My dream of course is to see it produced as an animated musical film, as it was originally intended. Although at the moment it is a children’s book as an animated film there is no age limit.”