Carn Standing in new pool project

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FISSH, in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council’s percent for art scheme, have recently awarded a commission for artwork in the pool hall of the new Fraserburgh swimming, sport and community complex to local artist Carn Standing.

Mr Standing is also the artist who has been commissioned to create a sculpture that will be suspended from the ceiling in the main foyer of the building.

The pool hall has a large expanse of whiterock, satin finish, walling which will be injected with much-needed character and a connection to the community through this project. It is hoped that the artwork the artist will draw will give a unique local identity to the interior of the building and provide a more welcoming environment to the people using, working and visiting the new facility.

Doreen Mair, chair of FISSH, said: “In order that Carn gets the feel of the piece right, and that local people of all ages have a chance to have their say on what they think he should be drawing, he will be holding a series of artist led public workshops in the town in the month of November.” She added: “Participants will be encouraged to sketch everyday people and places that impact positively on their environment, the things that make Fraserburgh unique!”

If you wish to get involved, it would be an idea to take along some photographs to sketch from and to show the artist, although this is not a requirement of coming to the workshops. He will also give people, who are interested, tips on improving their technique.

The public workshops will be held on the following dates: Thursday, November 15, at the Community Centre, Alexandra Terrace, from 2:30pm – 4.30pm and 6pm – 9pm, and at the late night shopping event on Friday, November 30, at 23 High Street (formerly Floriannas), from 5:30pm – 8.30pm.

He will also be undertaking workshops within local schools during this