Concerns about distribution of Dalrymple Hall lets

The Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre, Fraserburgh.
The Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre, Fraserburgh.

Concerns have been expressed by some users of the Dalrymple Hall about the effect on existing bookings of the new user, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Councillor Ian Tait takes a great interest in the hall and he has moved to reassure existing users.

He wrote to the Chief Executive of Aberdeenshire Council to say that the groups using the hall must be reassured that the RCS is not coming in to disrupt the good work they are already doing.

He continued: “I want them to get the very best possible benefit from the RCS project and the only way to get that is for the council to meet with the groups and I would emphasise that it should be with all hall users, hopefully with a member of the RCS present to reassure the groups their lets will not be taken away.

“I believe the Junior Arts and the Dance group are not against the RCS project but simply and quite properly want to know how can they gain benefit from the RCS project for the good service they already give, and reassurance that their lets are not going to be interfered with.

“For example, I know that RCS will be working closely with schools and using school premises as well but all this should have been made public before now.”

Council officers were quick to respond and told Cllr Tait: “We confirm that local groups will be at the heart of planning for RCS activities in August/September. Any potential use of Dalrymple Hall, which is speculative at this stage, will work around existing commitments.”