Issue highlighted at alcohol-free quiz


The Elizabethan Bar, Fraserburgh, hosted a quiz night and non-alcoholic taster night for local campaigners DRiNKLiNK.

Sales of non-alcoholic beers has experienced an annual 40% increase across all retail outlets according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel.



The Elizabethan Bar, in conjunction with DRiNKLiNK, gave people the opportunity to test out various non-alcoholic options last Friday, with drinkers expressing their opinions on the taste and whether an increase in availability and variety would support them to reduce their alcoholic content.

However, the night may not have happened at all, if tracking down and supplying non-alcoholic variants of lager and cider were any more difficult.

Raymond Forsyth, owner of the Elizabethan, said that he had trouble getting supplies for the night.

One supplier had refused to ship a delivery of non-alcoholic beer to the bar because the quantity asked for was too small.

The experienced barman added that he was surprised at just how hard it was to find non-alcoholic drinks in Fraserburgh.

Having went around the town in search of the elusive beverages, he discovered that only two stores, to his knowledge, sold non-alcoholic variants.

It was a familiar story for Stacey Summers of DRiNKLiNK, saying that in stores that sold non-alcoholic beers and ciders, they were usually placed next to special brews - drinks with high alcohol content.

“It must be a temptation to people trying to avoid alcohol,” said Ms Summers.

DRiNKLiNK hope to have a website operational in the near future, proceeds from the quiz night going towards the development of the project.