Lighthouse set to welcome Queen’s Baton

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses is set to welcome the Queen’s Baton on Sunday as it makes its way to Glasgow for the start of the Commonwealth Games.

On its way, the Baton will be carried by local, well known faces from across the North-east, stopping by Mintlaw, Fraserburgh and Peterhead as it makes a cross-country trip in preparation of the Games’ opening ceremony.

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses’ collections manager, Michael Strachan, told us: “We jumped at the chance to get it to the museum.

“To get it to the museum is a great benefit. It is, of course, a big deal having the Queen’s baton here.

“It’s good publicity for the museum for one thing, of course, and good for the town as well, so hopefully some of these images will make it on newsfeed and people can see exactly what Fraserburgh has to offer.”