Big Country to play Broch leisure centre in May

Scottish rock band Big Country are coming to Fraserburgh to play the leisure centre in May.

The band, formed in 1981 in Dunfermline, have announced a gig on Saturday the 16th of May.

Martin Bain who is holding the event said:

“After seeing Big country play in a town smaller than Fraserburgh, we sat down before the gig and thought why can’t the Broch have things on like this? And with the Broch having a great venue in the leisure centre we knew its more than possible for this to happen but of coarse we knew we would have to do it ourselves, but where do we start with something like this?.

“RunRig played in the Leisure centre many years ago, and I think the whole town was hoping that more big bands would follow suit but never did. Although there has been lots of great tribute bands over the years.

“Going by ticket sales so far this is heading to be a great success, and if so we are planning to make this an annual event with next years concert already in the planning stage.

“With the capacity crowd of 1500 and people coming from places like Stonehaven to Buckie, local business’s like Hotel’s pubs, restaurants and even chippys, taxis etc hopefully will benefit as well.

“Also any money raised from the concert will be distributed to local charities.”

Ticket can be purchased from; Motor parts, S&J’s, Elizabethan bar, Rodgers electrical, Cheers bar, Ship inn and the Leisure Centre as well as Martin’s Barbour 61 broad street Peterhead.

At the height of the band’s popularityin the early 1980s, Big Country gained a large cult following.

The band’s music is most recognisable for the sounds infused with Scottish folk.