Broch lad accepted to National Pipe Band

Danny Hutcheson
Danny Hutcheson

A Fraserburgh Academy pupil who auditioned for the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland las month has been accepted into the prestigious outfit.

Danny Hutcheson, from Pitullie, travelled to Glasgow at the end of January to audition and despite suffering from a cold on the day was successful.

The National Youth Pipe Band draws musicians from across Scotland, including as far afield as Uist, to travel nationally and internationally playing concerts.

Danny, who is a fifth year student, turned 17 the week after auditioning.

He has been playing the bagpipes since he was 7 having started learning with the Fraserburgh British legion pipe band before moving onto Buchan pipe band where he still plays today.

Buchan pipe band play in Grade 2 competitions and have been very successful winning the European and World pipe band championships in 2013.

Danny says that after ten years of playing the pipes this is one of his greatest moments.

“I started playing the pipes about 10 years ago when I was seven.

“In 2013 i won the world championships with my pipe band here at grade 2 and this is an achievement almost on par with that.

“The national youth pipe band has some of the top pipers and drummers from across Scotland who are under 25 years old.

“Alot of them join the band when they are around 14 so I’m a bit late and will have some catching up to do.

“I’d never heard about the National youth pipe band until about a year ago so once i’d found out about them i looked into joining.

“First you have to fill in an application form which get’s sent to the piping centre in Glasgow, then if they have a lot of applicants they choose the best to come down and audition.

“You have to perform a 15 minute piece of your own choice then they email you about a week later to let you know if you’ve been accepted.

“When I first opened the email it took a while to set in and for me to realise that i had been accepted.

“It felt not even real for a few seconds but once I realised i was in it was a great feeling knowing all the hard work had payed off.”

Danny , who is in his 5th year at Fraserburgh Academy is juggling his piping along with three Highers.

“It’s really difficult to manage education along with hobbies.

“My parents were slightly worried at first that I would sturggle but once they found out it wasn’t every weekend I’d be with the national band they were really happy.”

The band have four to five rehersals a year before performing a con cert during the festive period and Danny’s first rehearsal will be over the seventh and eighth of March.

In the mean time Danny, who is thinking about a career in music, will continue with the Buchan Peterson pipe band.