Budding performers will be taught at Conservatoire’s Broch hub

The Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre, Fraserburgh.
The Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre, Fraserburgh.

As predicted last week, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is to widen access to high quality performing arts education in the north east with the launch of its second arts hub, based at the Dalrymple Hall.

The development of the Broch hub is part of the Royal Conservatoire’s priority to widen access to world-class arts education at Scotland’s national conservatoire. The hub will be funded by Aberdeenshire Council by approximately £45,000 per annum.

Working in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council which approved the plan on Thursday, the new hub will include local access to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior Conservatoire programmes in music, dance, acting, film and the multi-award winning Transitions 20/40 programme.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services, Cllr Alison Evison, said: “This is an incredibly exciting moment for communities in Fraserburgh and across Aberdeenshire.”

The vice-chair of Education for Aberdeenshire Council, local Councillor Charles Buchan said one of his main priorities was to use music and the arts to complement Fraserburgh’s regeneration programme. He went on: “It was great to discover that RCS shared my ambitions for the young people and the schools in Fraserburgh and its surroundings.”

Councillor Buchan concluded: “Proportionally, Fraserburgh getting the RCS is equivalent to Dundee getting the V&A offshoot.”

Fraserburgh was chosen as their North of Scotland hub partly because of the town’s strong arts foundation, with high quality groups such as the Junior Arts and the Dalrymple Hall already present in the town.

Professor Jeffrey Sharkey, Principal of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland said: “Innovative, community-based collaborations such as this are very welcome and are key to enabling young people to have access to the high quality arts education irrespective of geographical location.

“We look forward to working with Aberdeenshire Council and Fraserburgh Academy to nurture the artistic potential of young people in the North East of Scotland”.

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, ranked sixth in the world for performing arts education, will begin classes at the Fraserburgh art hub in September. It is expected to run a series of engagement activities ahead of classes starting.

The inaugural Royal Conservatoire arts hub, based at Dumfries House in Ayrshire, showcases a variety of musical forms with plans to include other art forms such as ballet, musical theatre, drama and contemporary performance, reflecting the diversity of work offered at RCS.