Strichen’s DJ Sunny shines

dISCO: DJ Sunny is available for any type of event
dISCO: DJ Sunny is available for any type of event

A FIFTH year pupil from Strichen has taken her own initiative to make some extra cash by becoming a DJ.

Sarah Ann Smith, 16 and a pupil at Mintlaw Academy has just started her career as a DJ but already has a few bookings lined up.

Sarah said: “I love music, and I’m always listening to my iPod, radio and YouTube and constantly updating my music list. I have a wide taste in music from classic rock, 70s, 80s and 90s dance to current charts, house, electronic and alternative music.

“I often supply playlists of music for parties, family holidays and small gatherings that.

“As soon as I heard that my cousin (previously DJ Panuch, based in Peterhead) was selling his gear, I gathered up all my birthday and Christmas money and bought the set and this was when I made plans to make money out of it.

“Choosing a name wasn’t easy, my own name isn’t anything special so I needed something more catchy. I asked my friends and parents to pick a favourite from my ideas which included, Annie Gold, Goldie, DJ Blondie and so on, but when I thought of DJ Sunny, I stuck with it as I liked it best.”

DJ Sunny caters for all events, birthdays, weddings, theme nights, anniversaries.

If you wish to contact DJ Sunny to make a booking or for extra information email,uk or visit the Sunny’s Discos facebook page.