City panto star gives Cinderella cast advice

Having starred in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ as the Wicked Queen, star of stage and television Elaine C. Smith visited Fraserburgh last week to offer advice to the Broch’s budding actors and actresses.

Invited to Fraserburgh by First Minister Alex Salmond, Mrs Smith Mr Salmond were treated to a tour of the Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre, where the Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society are based, and a song from the crew of this year’s Fraserburgh pantomime.

Mrs Smith then took questions from the crew as to how they too could one day star at His Majesty’s Theatre.

“You’re keeping alive an amazing tradition,” she said, before delving into the difficulties of pulling off a professional production, such as finding the right cast.

Mrs Smith, who has also starred in roles such as Mary Nesbitt in television show ‘Rab C. Nesbitt’, also said that, despite the tradition of cross-dressing being alive and well in local productions, it had gone from the professional stage for leading roles.

She added that finding a leading man, for the role of Prince Charming, was a particularly difficult task, the role requiring both a great look and vocal talents.

She also took the time to praise the local flair of pantomimes in the North-east, as well as her time spent in the area.

“I love being able to say “far aboots.”,” she commented before conceding: “A wee’ lesson in Doric would be great.”

Mrs Smith added later that she wished there had been more local pantomimes, like the Fraserburgh Junior Arts productions, when she was growing up.

‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ came to a close on January 6 at His Majesty’s Theatre, following a run of over one month.