Eurobeat is a comedy hit!!

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This week the Dalrymple Hall is host to the Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society’s Summer show ‘Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision’.

The concept of the show is that ten acts are up against each other hoping to gain enough votes to be crowned the Eurobeat winner.

The countries involved were Italy, Poland, Iceland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Russia, Ireland, Greece, Germany and Sweden.

When the audience arrived they had each a badge and a flag representing one of the countries who they would be encouraged to support for the performance.

The glamorous eurovision like presenters opened the show by welcoming everyone to the night. The female presenter made costume changes during every act and both presenters through sarcasm, wit and poking fun and the usual Eurovision Contest presenters were a major hit with the audience gaining big laughs and applause.

Italy kicked off the Eurobeat night with opera, pop and rap combined in one. The female singer wore a dazzling red sequin dress and danced with two toy-boy rappers.

Poland took to the stage next in a very tongue and cheek and camp performance which the whole audience laughed and applauded the whole way through.

Iceland entered the stage in a wonderful feather costume and captivated the audience with her serious expression while her dancers even looked a little frightened in her presence.

The United Kingdom were represented by ‘Two Chavs’ as the presenter introduced and performed a love song in a ‘Glee’ like style but with some more tongue and cheek.

Hungary took to the stage next as four women in typically Hungarian style attire sang in their native language which was very in keeping with the Hungarian entries for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Russia had a four piece boy band who sang like a cheesy European group to ‘Ice Queen’ with many air grabs and stereotypical boy band moves.

Representing Ireland was Ronan Corr, dressed in Irish green with cheeky interaction with the audience and cringey dance moves, he was hit for the ladies in the audience.

Greece performed next consisting of three women who wore pleasing to the eye outfits for the men in the audience and had sexy dance moves to accompany their song and image.

The penultimate act was Germany who wore full masked suits and performed a more ‘artistic’ entry for the competition that did not consist of singing but of ringing a bell, waving laser lights and bursting a balloon. However, the audience were amused by the performance from the massive cheer when the act finished.

Finally was Sweden, a four piece group consisting of two boys and two girls sang and danced on the stage all wearing white. The ‘Abba’ like act were a crowd pleaser and had everyone clapping along and received a massive cheer at the end.

After all the acts performed the audience then had to decide who they wanted as their winner for the evening.

Each performance is different due to the audience vote which makes the show more exciting and unpredictable for those who are attending. On Tuesday the winner was Poland and Monday was Greece.

The show was exciting, camp and creative and the audience participation makes them that more involved in the show. Each act were hilarious in their own way and not too over the top. The presenters were also funny and enjoyable to watch.

There was a real sense of relatability and familiarity to what we know from the Eurovision Song Contest already. Using this as a platform to make fun of and also put a well thought show together really paid of.

Eurobeat is a must see and those who missed it really did miss out. It will be nothing in comparison to the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night!