UFOs spotted in New Pitsligo?

An alien abduction comedy ‘From These Parts’ explores the changing population in the Highlands - and what it means to be local in a cosmic context.

‘From These Parts’ is a fast moving comedy that examines the issues of migration to and from the highlands on local, national and intergalactic levels! We ask the questions - why do people come, why do people stay and why do they go?

Furthermore, what exactly does it mean to be a local? The show will explore Scottish cultural identity in a comedy context that hilariously blends science fiction with everyday life.

Following a one-off UFO sighting, Jack has been working on his intergalactic communicator for decades. As he sees it, only his day job as a garage mechanic in a remote Highland village and the influence of his level-headed daughter Mhairi have prevented him from making contact with life beyond the stars.

Mhairi has kept the business going, just, but now her father is becoming increasingly distracted because the astronomical conditions are near-perfect and the day of First Contact is approaching.

However, the one final component that Jack needs to finish his machine is faulty. He desperately needs a substitute part... Where on earth can he find it?

The show will be performed on June 20 at 7:30pm at the New Pitsligo Public Hall.

Tickets can be purchased from the chemist and John Smith Bakers, New Pitsligo.