Theatre Modo thank Fraserburgh harbour


Theatre Modo have thanked Fraserburgh Harbour for the use of their facilities during their time in Fraserburgh, saying that the space afforded to them has been invaluable.

Martin Danziger, artistic director of Theatre Modo, told the Fraserburgh Herald ahead of Friday’s parade that the use of the fish market for workshops had allowed them the opportunity to have several workshops running simultaneously throughout the build-up to

Speaking last week, Mr Danziger said: “To have a space this size, with all the sort of freedom they’ve given us means that we can do much more and involve so many more young people.

“There’s been various points where we’ve had three or four workshops in one space - to have this space has been wonderful.”

Harbour master Andrew Ironside told the Herald that the commissioners were delighted to be able to help Theatre Modo in this instance, adding that he was sure the parade would be a success.

Theatre Modo’s Maelstrom parade took place last Friday, touring Fraserburgh from 7pm before culminating in a fireworks display at James Ramsay Park.