Mini Show at this month’s Boyndlie SWRI meeting

Mrs Lorna Pirie, President, welcomed members and guests to the March meeting of Boyndlie SWRI which this month took the form of a mini show.

In the absence of the secretary, Mrs Rita Watson read the minutes of the previous meeting and gave a report on the 95th birthday party celebrations.

Mrs Pirie welcomed Mrs Elizabeth Dalgarno and Mrs Margaret Davidson from Mintlaw who kindly judged the mini show.

The members then enjoyed a most interesting talk from Angie Christie, North Aberdeenshire Area Co-ordinator of Clan House, a charity which supports people affected by cancer.

An enjoyable tea followed and raffles were drawn.

Mrs Pirie congratulated all the prize winners said how delighted she was with the number of entries.

Show results were as follows:

Apple and Cinnamon Scones: 1. I Gill; 2. L Pirie; 3. M Smith.

Four No Bake 1 Variety: 1. L Pirie; 2. M Towler; 3. I Gill.

4 Pett Tails: 1. I Johnston; 2. M Smith; 3. I Gill.

1lb Fruit Loaf: 1. I Gillanders; 2. M Smith; 3. M Towler.

Red Onion Chutney: 1. L Davidson; 2. L Pirie; 3. R Watson.

Non Alcoholic Drink: 1. M Towler; 2. R Cartney.

Wild Life Photo: 1. M Towler; 2. I Johnston; 3. R Dillon.

Nursery Picture: 1. M Towler; 2. R Cartney.

Fresh Flower Arr in Wine: 1. L Davidson; 2. L Pirie; 3. M Towler.

Glass Pot of Bulbs: 1. L Pirie; 2. I Johnston.

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