New Pitsligo WRI report for February

President Mrs Chrissie Laird welcomed everyone to the February meeting of the New Pitsligo WRI.

Mrs Sheila Joss read the minutes and business was discussed.

Chrissie then introduced Street Pastor Jane Blake who gave us an insight into her very worthwhile job.

Jane - along with her husband, Mike, who is also a Street Pastor - walk the streets of Aberdeen in teams of three looking for vulnerable people be it young partygoers or just someone who needs a kind word. Jane is also a Samaritan.

They often work into the early hours of the morning helping with transport, reassurance and making sure the person is safe.

The Pastors even supply flip-flops for the young girls after a night on the town in high heels.

One statistic for last year is that they picked up 3,244 bottles off the streets thus lessoning the chance of anyone getting hurt.

They also operate a Safe Space bus where they can take people back for a warm up and a hot cuppa.

They all wear Street Pastor jackets with pockets stuffed with a vast array of street essentials that they may require.

After a most interesting and enlightening talk, Jane very kindly judged the competitions.

Results were as follows:

Soft Toy (sewn): no entries.

3 Sausage Rolls: 1st Joie Barrack; 2nd Sheila Joss.

Refreshments were served and the raffles draw before Kathleen Laird gave the vote of thanks.

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